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        “Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I’m home.” ― Dory, Finding Nemo by Pixar


        In the digital era we have received this incredible gift of being able to take more than only a couple of pictures with our family in a lifetime. Our cameras can now capture all the time spent caring and nurturing for our tiny humans that now feels like never ending busyness. We have the gift to revisit those small moments that seem so insignificant…until they’re gone. We can use this gift to take more than perfectly posed images of our families wearing matching sweaters in perfect light, we can give ourselves meaningful memories to sustain us in those moments when we wonder what we were thinking when we signed up for parenthood, and we can give our kids the childhood memories that we ourselves can only try to piece together from our own.

        Hi, I’m Theo and in my 13 years as a photographer, I discovered that I care passionately about people. I believe that memories matter and that phones take away our chance of being part of those memories because we’re always the ones recording them. I also believe that family photography shouldn’t be a luxury and that every kid deserves meaningful memories of his childhood.

        What is your experience as a family photographer? How many families have you photographed?
        What is your style? And what is documentary family photography?
        Where will we do the shoot?
        When will we be receiving the images?
        Do we receive digital images? How about printed ones? Can you do an album for us?
        How do we book you?
        I have been a photographer my whole professional life and I have been focusing on family photography from the beginning of my career, 12 years ago. I am an internationally published and awarded photographer, a judge in photography competitions and a speaker at photography conferences. I have photographed around 300 families until now.


        The pictures are wonderful!! So beautiful, some brought tears in our eyes. Thank you so much! We will tell all our family, friends and colleagues about you!
        - SM


        This series is amazing! We’re so happy with how you captured the five of us :) just want to thank you for this, it means the world to us all.
        - J


        Quick in her response, flexible in her way of working.
        Theo was able to shoot very nice pictures even in bad weather and bad lighting.
        Understands what you want, you don't need to guide her and you still get a superb result.
        - S



        1,5h of documentary family photography (suitable for any important moment in your family life that you would want to have documented)
        50+ edited high resolution images
        online gallery
        taxes included
        no travel costs in The Hague area, after that 0,35E/km

        800E (most popular)

        12h of documentary family photography (a comprehensive report that captures all the time spent caring and nurturing for your tiny humans)
        10-15 minutes of directed camera-aware photos if you want them
        150+ edited high resolution images
        highlights slideshow
        online gallery
        200E print credit (enough for a 30x25cm album with 20 images)
        taxes included
        travel costs included


        6h to be distributed throughout a year (a subscription type service that helps you make sure you never miss an important moment ever again)
        200+ edited high resolution images
        highlights slideshow
        online gallery
        200E print credit (enough for a 30x25cm album with 20 images)
        taxes included
        possibility to pay in instalments
        no travel costs in The Hague area, after that 0,35E/km

        add to your package

        albums - from 200E
        wall art - from 80E
        prints - from 1E
        short family video - coming soon!

        CONTACT ME

        Photography is priceless so thank you so much for your interest in my work! I am excited to find out everything about your family. I answer all messages within 24h. If you haven’t got any response from me, please check your spam folder or contact me again. You can also reach me by phone at 0657533490.