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        Hi, I'm Theo and I'm enthusiastic about helping others become better versions of themselves.

        I have been a photographer and a business owner for over 14 years. I am an awarded and internationally published photographer, a judge in photography competitions and a speaker at photography conferences. I offer mentoring for photographers who want to improve their images, their business and their life.

        MY JOURNEY

        I have been a professional photographer and business owner for 13 years. During this time I have grown from nothing to being one of the most sought after photographers in my home country of Romania, photographing internationally and building my second business in the Netherlands. I started with a Nikon D40 and a kit lens which my parents gifted me and I got a temp job handing out flyers dressed as Santa Claus to buy a flash. I have literally read every photography book that was available at that time, watched all the video content that was online and listened to every word my teachers at the university would say about running a business. I have been through multiple rebranding processes, went from a traditional style of shooting to glamour and fashion, editorial and now to documentary photography, worked with more than 1000 clients and experienced my (very) fair share of failures. I’ve always put high value on my education and professional development and being the growth junkie that I am, both on a professional and on a personal level, I am enthusiastic about seeing others become better versions of themselves and helping them along that journey.

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