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        Anca & Edy told me a wonderful story about their relationship, that they each lived everything they needed to live in order to become the best versions of themselves when they met each other. Their love fo each other is great and they make each other complete. Edy asked Anca to marry him on their vacation in Bali, when Anca wasn’t even expecting it and they both cried :) I absolutely loved their honest, relaxed and full of love wedding and I hope my wedding photographs show the wonder that is their relationship.

        You can tell how much they love each other from the way they hold each other.

        And the way they laugh all the time when they are together.

        The venue was in the countryside and the decorations were so beautifully natural and organic.

        We had the most amazing sky.

        And then a very fun party started.

        Someone is a showoff.


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