I am a wedding, family, portrait and commercial photographer specialising in documentary photography.

I have been a photographer for more than 15 years and I believe in creating honest, authentic and meaningful imagery that tells the story of who people are in their life, their relationships, their families and their work. I am also a photo organizer, a mentor for photographers and an educator.


Born in Bucharest, Romania, of Greek heritage and living in The Hague. I moved to the Netherlands to give myself a new experience, photograph people from all over the World, learn about different cultures and further develop my work. A minimalist, introvert and slow liver at heart, I believe in time spent nurturing deep connections with friends and family and only owning things that serve a purpose and that honour memories. I’m both a dog and a cat person, a big fan of the "less is more" approach in all aspects of life. I love simple things – a good talk, walks in nature, cooking and good food, relaxing on the couch, or reading about psychology, philosophy or photography.

I feel life is too short to be anything but exactly who you are. I believe in honesty, I support authenticity and I strive for meaningfulness. I think we can all live better lives if we understand ourselves, if we accept ourselves and if we respect and love each other. I know memories can lose their edges quickly. And that memories are the only things we’re left with. I do my best to create photography that honours all of that.


I’ve always been interested in people on a deeper level. Understanding how they choose to live their lives, what they value in their work, seeing the way they love, where they find happiness and learn from their growing wisdom as they go through parenthood. Documentary photography allows me to observe without judgement, to be fully present and to feel deeply connected to the people and their story. It is like a form of meditation that naturally flows into creating something personal and meaningful to those who choose me to tell their stories and to generations to come.

I am grateful to have had my passion for true, honest photography awarded by some of the most respected photography communities like Fearless PhotographersFearless Family PhotographersThis is ReportageThis is Reportage: Family, Documentary Family Awards and MyWed:

  • TOP 10 documentary wedding photographers Netherlands in 2022
  • TOP 20 documentary wedding storytellers worldwide in 2022
  • TOP 50 documentary wedding photographers worldwide 2022
  • TOP 3 documentary family photographers Netherlands 2022, 2023
  • TOP 10 documentary family storytellers worldwide 2022
  • TOP 20 documentary family photographers worldwide 2022, 2023
  • TOP 100 Fearless Photographers worldwide 2022


After more than 15 years of creating memories, I feel confident about educating others and providing value and experience through my teaching. I offer mentoring for wedding and family photographers, trainings for everyone who wants to learn how to capture and safely preserve their family memories and workshops aimed at bringing more intention into your day to day picture taking.

I’ve also been happily helping to pick out the best of the best as a judge for This is Reportage: Family and MyWed Family AwardFotografi-Cameramani.ro and spoke at the National Photography Conference in Romania and the Eastern Europe wedding photographers conference, WEDDCAMP and am open to speaking and judging opportunities worldwide.

“There is a crack in everything,
that’s how the light gets in”