Honest, authentic and meaningful family photography that tells the story of who you are.

Family photographer The Hague, awarded in the TOP 5 family photographers in the Netherlands and TOP 10 storytellers worldwide. Available for family photoshoots throughout the country and Europe.

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In the digital era we have received this incredible gift of being able to take more than only a couple of pictures with our family in a lifetime. Our cameras can now capture all the time spent caring and nurturing for our tiny humans that now feels like never ending busyness. We have the gift to revisit those small moments that seem so insignificant...until they’re gone. We can use this gift to take more than perfectly posed images of our families wearing matching sweaters in perfect light, we can give ourselves meaningful memories to sustain us in those moments when we wonder what we were thinking when we signed up for parenthood, and we can give our kids the childhood memories that we ourselves can only try to piece together from our own.

Hi, I’m Theo and in my 15 years as a family photographer, I discovered that life is too short to be anything but exactly who you are. I believe in honesty, I support authenticity and I strive for meaningfulness. I know memories can lose their edges quickly. And I know that memories are the only things we’re left with. I do my best to create family photography that honours all of that.



I click (pun intended) with families who are their authentic selves in every laugh, tear and fleeting moment that has never happened before and will never happen again. When you look back at your family photos, I want you to be transported back to those feelings, to discover moments you might have missed, and to cherish memories not because they were beautifully staged by the photographer, but because they were yours.


If the thought of having to keep your kids still and smiling for the camera makes you cringe, you're not alone. I believe kids should not be posed, but they should just be themselves. That's why I specialize in capturing spontaneous moments, letting kids play and express their personalities and allowing everyone to spend quality time together, truly connect as a family and create real memories together.


Family photography isn't just a weekend hobby for me—it's my life's work. I've dedicated my career to capturing family stories, from intimate newborn shoots to big family celebrations, allowing me to adapt and excel in all situations and bringing a wealth of knowledge, skill, and adaptability to every family shoot I photograph. I'm honored to be ranked among the TOP 5 family photographers in the Netherlands and TOP 10 storytellers worldwide.

Awards received by The Hague family photographer Theo Manusaride


De Villeneuve-Radu family

“We have booked a “day in the life” session with her, at the end of October 2020 and this was the most amazing, touch-base with reality moment in our hectic life. We have never done this before as a family (with three young boys) and we have enjoyed every moment of our special day! Theo is very friendly, committed, flexible and her style is so delicate! She captured feelings and expressions which are precious to us. The boys loved her!! We are so looking forward to our next sessions with her!”

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You can choose between four packages that suit anyone from the minimalists who only want a couple of keepsakes, to conscious families who want a comprehensive story of their life together.

All packages for family photography in the The Hague include:

  • a carefully curated editing process for all images
  • delivery of images at high resolution, without a logo and with no restrictions on personal use
  • online gallery to view, share and download your images with a print store to order products
  • every package includes all digital images from our photoshoot and most also include an album
  • taxes, travel time and travel expenses in The Hague area

Are your photography coverage needs in between packages? You can add extra hours to any package, at anytime for the cost of 150€ per hour. 



Suitable for family events, newborn photos and capturing just a few candid moments in the life of your family.

  • 1,5h of documentary photography
  • some posed images if you want them
  • 50+ edited high res images
  • online gallery

Package offer: photoshoot + 30x20cm album with 20 pages and box for €600 (€100 discount)

*taxes, travel time and expenses in The Hague area, after that 0,50E/km

Need more coverage? Add extra hours for €150/h



A shorter version of the "day in the life" photoshoot, covering a part of the day and a couple of activities that matter most to you.

  • 4h of documentary photography
  • some posed images if you want them
  • 100+ edited high res images
  • online gallery

Package offer: photoshoot + 30x20cm album with 30 pages and box for €900 (€150 discount)

*taxes, travel time & expenses in The Hague area, after that 0,50E/km

Need more coverage? Add extra hours for €150/h



My staple photoshoot, a reportage of a full day in the life of your family, from breakfast to bedtime stories.

  • up to 12 hours of documentary photography
  • some posed images if you want them
  • 200+ edited high res images
  • online gallery

Package offer: photoshoot + 30x20cm album with 40 pages and box for €1400 (€200 discount)

*taxes, travel time and expenses in the Netherlands

Need more coverage? Add extra hours for €150/h


I take pride in the print quality and high level craftsmanship of the albums I offer. I work with one of the best album manufacturers worldwide to offer family albums that combine exceptional quality with environmental concerns, using paper that only comes from sustainably managed forests that have been certified by FSC®.

The family album comes in a matching box and is available in natural linen or sustainable suede fabrics, 28 colours and 3 different cover options. You can also order grandparents album copies.

Every album comes with instructions of use and a lifetime warranty.


What is your experience as a family photographer? How many families have you photographed?

I have been a family photographer for over 15 years ago. I am an internationally published and awarded photographer, having been ranked in the TOP 5 family photographers in the Netherlands, TOP 10 storytellers worldwide and TOP 30 photographers overall by This is Reportage: Family, a judge in photography competitions and a speaker at photography conferences. I have photographed more than 350 families until now.

What is your style? And what is documentary family photography?

My goal in photographing your family is to offer you slices of real life - who you are, what you do, how you connect to each other. I want to photograph the way your life feels, not just how it looks. I believe that family life is a beautiful mess, that a family photo doesn’t have to be perfect and that imperfection is a magical form of freedom. It might feel uninteresting to you, but the story we are telling is not about that. We are doing this for our future selfs as parents and our kids future adult selves. This is how they will actually remember their childhood and who their parents were. All you need to do is be yourselves. Don’t worry about the photographer, don’t clean the whole house before, don’t overthink it. Just trust me enough to let me in and tell the story of your family life just as it is. Nothing staged, nothing posed, just the honest, authentic, and meaningful story of who you really are. That's what documentary family photography is all about.

Where will we do the shoot?

The photo shoot will be done outdoors and/or in your home or anywhere that's meaningful to the story of your family. I live in The Hague but I travel to document family life throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

When will we be receiving the images?

I have a maximum of 2 weeks delivery time for short photo shoots and 4 weeks for "day in the life" sessions.

Do we receive digital images? How about printed ones? Can you do an album for us?

All sessions include digital images and most sessions also include an album, because I believe that memories deserve more than to be forgotten on iPads, hard drives and cloud services. You will be able to choose prints, albums and wall art in the store available within your online gallery.

How do we book you?

I believe having a conversation so we can see if I am the right photographer for you is very beneficial. We can schedule a call to get to know each other and see if we are a good match. Then I will prepare a contract and an invoice for a flat booking fee of 100€. Once these are signed and payed for, your session is booked.


Photography is priceless so thank you so much for your interest in my art! In order to preserve the high quality of my work I only do a limited amount of family shoots per year, so please contact me sooner rather than later to make sure I am available. I do my best to answer all messages within 48h.

If you have an urgent request, you can also reach me on whatsapp using the speech bubble in the bottom right corner of this page.

I welcome and support everybody 🏳️‍🌈

“Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I’m home.”