I'm enthusiastic about helping others become better versions of themselves.

I offer personalised mentoring experiences for wedding and family photographers

who want to improve their images, their business and their life.


I have been a professional photographer and business owner for 15 years. During this time I have grown to being one of the most sought after photographers in my home country of Romania, photographing internationally and building my second business in the Netherlands. I started with a hobby camera which my parents gifted me and I got a temp job handing out flyers dressed as Santa Claus to buy a flash. I have been through multiple rebranding processes, went from a traditional style of shooting to glamour and fashion, editorial and now to documentary photography, worked with more than 1000 clients and survived 3 burnouts. I’ve always put high value on education and growth, both on a professional and on a personal level, and I am enthusiastic about seeing others become better versions of themselves and helping them along that journey.


Mentoring session

2 hours of one-on-one online mentoring

suitable for when you just need a bit of help in a specific area you want to work on (photo reviews, learning how to select images for competitions, etc)

200 euro + 21% btw

Mentoring day

strategy meeting to setup an action plan
8 hours of one-on-one online mentoring

suitable for when you have gathered quite a few questions or you want to work intensively on your photography or your business

800 euro + 21% BTW

Mentoring year

strategy meeting to setup an action plan
16 hours of one-on-one online sessions spread throughout a year
a day working together and a follow-up session

suitable if you need extensive help setting goals and guidance through a longer process

1600 euro + 21% btw