Are you planning your unique wedding in the Netherlands? I'm here to help! 

I’ve compiled a list of the best wedding venues in the Netherlands, ranging from chill beach bars to historical estates. Whether you’re planning a small relaxed wedding or a big and luxurious celebration don't worry, the Netherlands although small has it all!

Who am I?

I am Theo Manusaride, a wedding photographer in the Netherlands with over 15 years of experience in the field. I have photographed over 400 weddings at almost just as many wedding venues and I know very well both what makes for a great experience and what to avoid. The best part is that I’ve personally photographed at every single one of the venues on this list (and yes, all the pictures are mine), so I can give you the inside scoop on what makes each one special.

Obviously these are not the only amazing venues in the Netherlands and I will constantly update this list with new discoveries. If you have any questions or are looking to book a wedding photographer for your wedding, feel free to contact me.

Beach wedding venue: Strandclub Naturel, Scheveningen

Outdoor wedding setting at Strandclub Naturel in Scheveningen

At Strandclub Naturel, at the end of Scheveningen beach you will find an atmosphere of serene tranquillity, quiet beauty, and subdued class. The remote location away from busy crowds makes Naturel an oasis of ease and simplicity: an excellent setting for a beach side marriage. What makes it special:

  • Point 1: secluded beach location, away from the summer bustle of Scheveningen
  • Point 2: both outside and inside location, perfect for an elegant but relaxed beach wedding in the Hague 
  • Point 3: they offer wedding planning services to ensure your wedding day will be smooth and care-free

My Experience:  The people are super nice, the atmosphere is relaxed and the setting is charming, simple yet thought through. The food is amazing which is quite rare at beach clubs and the location is far enough from the busy crowds to let you enjoy the beach and your day in somewhat privacy.

Indoor setting and decor for a wedding at Strandclub Naturel in Scheveningen.

Best wedding venue in South Holland: Landgoed Te Werve, Rijswijk

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Moments from a summer wedding at Landgoed Te Werve in Rijswijk

Landgoed Te Werve is located in a protected nature park of 26 hectares in Rijswijk. The earliest resident apparently lived there around 1260, with changes made to the picturesque estate in the 19th century and a complete restoration done in 2012. This English looking estate and orangerie (yes, there’s one there!) is full of old charm and style. With options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, you can get married there any time of the year. 

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: Te Werve was named most popular location in South Holland in 2022
  • Point 2: Great heritage location with contemporary design 
  • Point 3: Available for both outdoor and indoor weddings in the Hague, a separate location for events next to the lake and amazing nature you can enjoy and explore during your photoshoot

My Experience: I might be biased because I live right next to Te Werve and visit it very often, but I think it is indeed one of the best wedding venues in The Netherlands! The food is very good, the staff is always helpful, the building is well preserved and the estate is gorgeous.

Couple enjoys their wedding photoshoot at Landgoed Te Werve in Rijswijk.

Wedding venue with overnight stay: Logan Landing, Zeeland

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Candid moments from a wedding at Logan Landing in Zeeland.

Logan Landing is located in the quiet and beautiful Zeeland. This English Country house was built in the 19th century and was rebuilt stone by stone in 2012. Logan Landing is stylishly decorated and surrounded by peace and nature, with an approximately 1.7 hectares of gardens and centuries-old trees. They pride themselves in offering an experience of pampering and indulgence and while most hospitality businesses boast friendliness and professionalism, the owners of Logan Landing might just be some of the nicest more welcoming hosts for weddings in the Netherlands.  

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: Overnight stay – Logan Landing can accommodate the bridal couple and up to 8 guests in two luxury suites, each with their own en-suite bathroom
  • Point 2: Keep in mind that tent rental is a mandatory requirement at the venue, plan and budget accordingly
  • Point 3: Can accommodate wedding ceremonies between 20 and 150 guests 

My Experience:  I don't think I experience hospitality like at Logan Landing more than 2 or 3 times in my 15 year career as a wedding photographer. The owners really put their heart and soul into the place and make it an experience of a lifetime and they would probably love to tell you all about it over a glass of wine. The house and rooms are beautifully decorated, the garden is amazingly maintained, the food is delicious and they are always ready to treat you to some fresh seafood. I would probably get married here myself!

Details and atmosphere photos from a wedding at Logan Landing in Zeeland.

Wedding venue in the Veluwe: Landgoed Rhederoord, near Arnhem

The front side of the gorgeous wedding venue Landgoed Rhederoord near Arnhem.

Estate Rhederoord is a historic estate located in the Veluwe forests with a stylish yet friendly atmosphere. Ideally suited for weddings, business and informal events, their accommodation options include 22 hotel rooms, free parking and a mainly organic country-house kitchen (as well as options for on-site and in-company catering). Their biggest space can accommodate 180 people. 

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: Various places to get married on site, both indoors and outdoors, with options for overnight stays
  • Point 2: Menus are strongly focused around regional produce from agriculture, livestock, hunting and fishing 
  • Point 3: Many couples who got married there were excited about the friendly and helpful staff

My Experience: At Landgoed Rhederoord everything was well taken care of. Staff was prepared and on point with everything, the building itself is gorgeous and well maintained and the surroundings of the Netherlands biggest natural park make it one of the best choices if you want to get married near the Veluwe.

Moments from a wedding ceremony and photoshoot at Landgoed Rhederoord near Arnhem.

Unique wedding venue: De Avenue, Breda

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The facade of the former theatre and a couple enjoying their wedding day at at De Avenue in Breda.

Are you looking for a unique and quirky location for your wedding? Then De Avenue in the centre of Breda might be interesting for you – it’s a former secret church that has been transformed into a beautiful all-round event location with two unique and attractive halls for events. Since 2017, in addition to dinner shows, de Avenue focuses more on weddings, events and business meetings. 

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: one of the rooms has the magic of an old theatre with all of today’s facilities. Definitely an unexpected wedding location! 
  • Point 2: great location in the centre of Breda makes it very accessible
  • Point 3: many brides found the staff there to be welcoming and flexible

My Experience:  I have truly enjoyed working at De Avenue in Breda. It is definitely a strong contender if you are looking of a unique wedding venue in the Netherlands. From the decor and theatre style lighting to the back stage where the bride and groom can get ready, it is an experience to have your wedding there.

Moments from the getting ready and ceremony of a wedding held at De Avenue in Breda.

Casual outdoors wedding venue: De Vreemde Vogel, Vlaardingen

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Outdoor details from a wedding at the Vreemde Vogel in Vlaardingen.

Situated in the green area between Rotterdam, Delft and the beach (Hoek van Holland), de Vreemde Vogel offers a unique and family-friendly venue for weddings. This quaint outdoor hotel boasts 10 distinctive accommodations, welcoming guests throughout the year. With a capacity to host weddings of up to 160 people and lodging available for 43 guests in their charming country houses, this venue promises a blend of convenience and whimsy for your special day with some extra cozy touches like children’s playgrounds, vegetable garden, fireplace or rowing boats. 

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: De Vreemde Vogel is an ideal choice for those looking for a wedding venue that balances eccentric charm with family-friendly amenities, all in a single, convenient location.
  • Point 2: As a family-run establishment, the hosts and team at De Vreemde Vogel are deeply invested in ensuring your wedding day is as memorable and personal as it can be.
  • Point 3: They work with local suppliers and have their own locally produced beer – always a nice touch! 

My Experience: This place is charming, green, unpretentious yet special. Situated conveniently for those of you in South Holland, this is probably one of the best places if you're looking for a cozy, fun, unique experience in an outdoor wedding venue in the Netherlands.

Moments of fun and love from a wedding at De Vreemde Vogel in Vlaardingen.

Authentic wedding venue in Amsterdam: Haarlemmermeerstation

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Moments from a wedding ceremony at HLMS in Amsterdam.

This is another great example of an impressive repurposing of a location, specifically a train station. If you happen to be an expat, or maybe just have many guests from abroad, HLMS also has an option to book a historic tram for the entire group for a sightseeing tour of Amsterdam. 

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: Different spaces within the venue for the ceremony/dinner and party ensure a smooth transition between the moments of your Amsterdam wedding. 
  • Point 2: The maximum capacity for an event is 350 people over several rooms, but with one fitting 60 people for a seated dinner and the other around 140 people, this venue works for smaller as well as larger weddings. 
  • Point 3: Offering a unique and engaging experience, the historic tram tour is a perfect way to entertain guests and explore Amsterdam, adding a distinctive touch to your wedding celebration.

My Experience:  Besides the obvious "omg so cool, it's a train station" I have to say the staff and food surprised me in a very good way. Last time I was there for a wedding, their Syrian cooks prepared a lovely mix of middle eastern dishes with an european touch and were super helpful to accommodate everyone's requests, even the photographer's! Definitely one of the best wedding venues in the Netherlands and my personal favourite in Amsterdam!

A tram ride with the guests and details from the wedding reception at Haarlemmermeerstation in Amsterdam.

Gorgeous wedding venue in North Holland: Orangerie Elswout

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Moments from wedding ceremonies and photoshoots at Orangerie Elswout in Overveen.

Orangerie Elswout is the largest orangery in the Netherlands. Built in 1879, it used to serve as a popular retreat for Amsterdam merchants. Built in neo-Renaissance style, its elegance as a wedding venue in the Randstad area is obvious. With both indoor and outdoor spaces and surrounded by nature and beautiful spots for your photoshoot, you can enjoy this venue year round.

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: Orangerie Elswout may seem a bit secluded, but a large parking lot is within walking distance and they have agreements with nearby hotels if your guests are staying overnight 
  • Point 2: The Orangerie is beautiful already, so there’s no need to invest too much extra in decorations if you don’t want to 
  • Point 3: The Orangerie has been designated as an official wedding location, so you can plan your entire day in one place

My Experience:  Orangerie Elswout is definitely one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Netherlands. What you might not expect is how much natural light you can find indoors (and we know that’s hard to come by in the Netherlands)! I would especially recommend it if you are planning a spring wedding as you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom garden right next to the main building.

Reception details and sweet moments on the dance floor during a wedding at Orangerie Elswout.

Wedding at a castle in North Brabant: Kasteel Geldorp

Details from the wedding ceremony, reception and dinner at Kasteel Geldorp.

The first historical mention of Kasteel Geldorp dates to around 1350. It has a rich history, and the outside of the castle has changed little in the last 150 years. The beautifully luxuriant gardens date from around that time. They offer several options for your ideal wedding: elegant indoor wedding in the Wedding Hall, close to nature in the English garden, or a romantic ceremony in the apple orchard. 

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: Kasteel Geldorp is a stylish location and the 150-old park strikes a great balance of nostalgia, tranquility and romance. 
  • Point 2: They have a petting zoo and outdoor play spaces for children. 
  • Point 3: The various locations are suitable for 15 to 450 guests, so you have plenty of options. And if you’re not sure, you can visit the castle and decide for yourselves. 

My Experience: I have found this venue particularly diverse in options and wonderfully maintained. The gardens are beautiful and perfect for your photoshoot on the day as well as an outdoor ceremony. The atmosphere of the interiors range from charming and historic to modern and romantic, giving everyone who is looking for a wedding venue in the Netherlands, a reason to consider Kasteel Geldorp in Noord Brabant.

Touching moments during a wedding ceremony and photoshoot at Kasteel Geldorp.

Elegant wedding venue near Utrecht: Buitenplaats Sparrendaal

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Garden party moments and interior details from a wedding at Buitenplaats Sparrendaal near Utrecht.

If you’re looking for an exclusive wedding venue close to Utrecht, Buitenplaats Sparrendaal might be the right choice. The first floor features the large salon, bar, and lounge, all connected via white marble halls. The large park garden at the rear features lawns, water features and a berceau. 

What makes it special:

  • Point 1: If a church wedding is also important to you, there are several gorgeous churches within walking distance. 
  • Point 2: The estate is accessible by public transport, but they also provide parking for free. 
  • Point 3: Many wedding vendors complimented the staff here for how well they worked together and if everyone’s on the same team, it will make your wedding even more awesome for you. 

My Experience:  I found the place, the nature that surrounds it, the food and the staff really blend together to make this wedding venue near Utrecht a wonderful choice.

Fun moments during dinner and party during a wedding at Buitenplaats Sparrendaal Utrecht.

If you have any questions about wedding venues in the Netherlands or are looking to book a wedding photographer, please contact me below!